The Long and Short Of It: What Dancers Really Need To Know About Hair Extensions


Looks aren’t everything.—or so the saying goes. But for those in the multibillion-dollar adult entertainment industry, they sure are important. Hello! In this sector, being beautiful is not just a good to have, it’s a got to have…as I am sure my readers will agree. And how your hair looks is a big part of that.

While it would be ideal for every girl to have a natural head of long., lustrous locks—just like big luscious breasts—that is just not always the case. So what’s a dancer to do?

It will be no surprise that many dancers turn to hair extensions. But, as many of those who do don’t immediately realize, hair extensions are a commitment that goes beyond one trip to the salon. With the help of professional stylists such as Elena Golescu, a sought-after hair stylist, colorist and extensions expert, who has worked with dancers at several clubs, including VIP and Headquarters, dancers can gain insight how to make sure their extensions look completely natural. Elena can also provide sage advice on the importance of upkeep after getting them and how to go about keeping your extensions in wonderful condition while you (and your customers)enjoy the way they look on you.

“What dancers don’t understand is that there is such thing as TOO long,” Golescu says. “By adding subtle layers into your own hair no one will be able to tell the difference. You want the illusion of longer, fuller hair, but you do not want anything to look fake. If extensions were a breast size, for example, you’d want to go for a C cup instead of a Double D.”

Length of extensions can be a variable depending on body shape, Golescu further maintains. “Your stylist can help you find a look tailored not only to your face, but your body—something that is especially important when your occupation involves your body. If you have a rounder, fuller figure, longer hair with waves can take emphasis off of over-abundant curves.” For thinner figures, Golescu recommends straight styles to accentuate a long, lean body.

Golescu also advises dancers on factors beyond length of extensions, including synthetic versus natural. “Natural hair is always going to be a better bet because it’s a higher quality of hair. It’s simply going to look more real. But sometimes a combination also works well.”

In her 20 years experience, Golescu has corrected problems for dancers who got extensions but did not understand the importance of routine maintenance. “You don’t just buy a car and never take it to the shop for a tune-up. The same goes for extensions. What many dancers don’t get is that you need to shampoo and set these along with your own hair, but be sure to use a very gentle shampoo. You also need to use a very gentle brush…the extension may be human hair, but there are not rooted in your head and so will not grow back if you brush to hard and pull some hair out. You also need to go back to your hair stylist and have them retouched every so often as your roots grow out or it will become noticeable.”

Just like over dyeing hair, extensions can have damaging effects on natural hair, Golescu adds. “When you are ready to have your extensions removed make sure that you visit a professional. I’ve seen many dancers try to take out their extensions themselves. This may result in having to cut your hair shorter than before you had them put in. Like they say about a good lap dance: leave it to the experts.”

Expert Hairstylist Elena Golescu is founder of New York Cosmetic Image Center, the only hair replacement center in Great Neck, NY For more information, visit her website at


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