The Power Of The Corset


The power of a corset isn’t just something used by the sexiest burlesque dancers. While spending some time in NYC a friend told me about a stop he made by a well known burlesque venue called “The Slipper Room” and told me about how great of a time he had. One of the sexy ladies that made her vagina queef caught his attention not because of her lower muscles but because of how sexy she looks with her corset on. He was so amazed by the corset that I had to sit him down and explain to him that it isn’t just for the entertainers. It went a little something like this, “Remember that beautiful girl you dated about two years back with the long black hair?” and he replied “Of course”, “Well all you saw was a corset holding her body together for you on those dates”. He was amazed but I explained to him that it isn’t a bad thing.

A corset is an ancient sex symbol almost as old as Asian culture keeping women’s feet small to stay “sexy” by breaking them in specific places. The corset elevates the breast and alleviates the stomach area for us men to notice. So I am not mad if a sexy lady is wearing one, I just appreciate the gesture. Greatly appreciated ladies!

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