Sex in Old Age


Does the term “if you don’t use it you lose it” really apply after a certain age or better yet for women will the river run dry after years of no action? Well many “mature” people are worried that their sex lives are running very thin, however having sex at an older age is more possible then you think, it just takes a little more planning!

More variants are invented for intercourse as certain positions are not possible anymore, Women get psychologically aroused less quickly and older men ejaculate less quickly. In fact this may not even be a matter of old age it very well be medical problems. With men it could diabetes or hypertension, for women it could just be a matter of more lubrication. Regardless of the reason you see a doctor or just add a little more foreplay to the agenda for the other. No matter what people say wanting sex won’t die at any age. If you are still thinking about, young ladies and men, you can still get it and get it well.

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