Black Book: Velvet Club – Miami, FL

December 18, 2010

Miami is full of sunshine and a great time for the single and taken man or women. If you are open to having a good time you can stop by Miami’s swinger club, Velvet. This upscale venue is a great …more


Black Book: New York Dolls Gentlemen Club – NYC

November 20, 2010

When you think of Wall Street the idea of stocks and bonds and ofcourse a bailout rings loudly across the US but here is one venue that takes all the stress away. This premier gentlemens club is the NEW York Dolls Gentlemens Club. …more


Black Book: Silver Reign Gentlemens Club- Los Angeles, CA

October 15, 2010

Located in Southern California, Silver Reign is considered a smooth, sensual and upscale gentlemens club. Just by going on the clubs website you can get the feel of the clientele that Silver Reign attracts. First thing you notice is …more


Black Book: Oz Gentlemens Club- Clearwater, FL

September 10, 2010

Just west of Tampa Bay Oz Gentlemens club is located in Clearwater, FL and is one of the most untapped gentlemen’s clubs nationally. About 8,500 square feet, the design of OZ Gentlemens Club is magnificent and has a large …more


Black Book: Atlantis Gentlemens Club- Chicago

August 26, 2010

This 20,000 square foot venue is considered to be full of luxury, class and elegance. Walk into the entrance of Atlantis and you would swear you are in a different world. If you know the story of the city of Atlantis Gentlemens’ Club …more


Black Book: Spearmint Rhino-Lexington, Kentucky

April 19, 2010

Located in Lexington, Kentucky the one and only Spearmint Rhino has been spoken about on national television shows to the back streets of the UK. Considered a universal staple in the gentlemen’s club industry Spearmint Rhino has a reputation unmatched …more