Man Pays Dancer In Drugs?!!?!

Usually when in doubt we are always told to go with option B instead of A. One man literally took that option into his own actions. With the U.S. economy being in the dumps lately, the gravy train has seem to skip some people’s wallets. Coming from personal experience. We have all been in a situation when at one time we were unable to pay for a service. When I was a young wild teenager a diner-dash was always a great resolution to skipping out on your food bill. Unfortunately one man took unique measures in his own hands when the cash flow was not in his presences at the time.

26-year old Ricardo Luna of Austin, Texas has a slew of serious criminal charges. Mr. Luna is accused of offering crack cocaine to a dancer at a strip club in exchange for dance. Huh? I am even dumb founded myself by Mr. Luna’s actions as well. The clubs security officer handcuffed the young man and escorted him outside. Where the sheriff’s deputies were waiting for him of course. Sheriff’s deputies claimed he was extremely intoxicated and threatened to shoot them. If you figured the night couldn’t get any worse for Mr. Luna….well it did. Luna is being charged with harassment of a public servant and retaliation. He is currently remaining in the Travis County Jail, with his current bond set at $45,000. Great way to end the night…ouch.

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