Arabic Adult Entertainer, Ameera Milan Does Her First EVER Interview!!

We had to reach out to this hot Arabic Adult Entertainer just because we saw her at EXXXOTICA Atlantic City and felt like she was definitely one of the top 5 girls in person. Ameera Milan is a newcomer with a huge booty, great spirit, and a level of freaky and her website just launched ( She sat down with us at to chat about her favorite people in the industry, the kind of guys she likes and everything that we know you guys would like to hear about. Lets cut to the chase, see below for her FIRST EVER full length interview. PUMPSmag has it hear exclusively.

PUMPSMag (PM): You have such an exotic name what is your background?
Ameera Milan (AM): Lebanese and Egyptian

PM: Where are you originally from?
AM: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio but I’ve been in Miami for a little over 4years now

PM: What were you doing before you embarked on an adult career?
AM: I used to be a an exotic dancer before porn and before dancing I was a daycare teacher lol

PM: I see you have been on a role lately. You were voted 2012 Miss Exxxotica Miami. What do you have planned for 2013?
AM: 2013 is crazy! My site is up. I look at 2013 as “my year”. After this year everyone will know my name!

PM: Being a newcomer is never easy in any industry How is it being a newbie and what are your thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry? Pros and Cons?
AM: Well being sexy comes very natural to me so I think ill be ok ;) . The adult industry is an art to me…I don’t look at it as weird or crazy because everyone has sex and everyone likes sex. The only con I believe the industry has is how watered down it has gotten…I plan to spice it back up!!!

PM: What are your measurements and what is the favorite part of your body?
AM: I’m a 33d,24,37. My favorite part of my body is my back

PM: Do you ever feature dance at strip clubs?
AM: Yea I plan on doing features at all sorts of strip clubs. After all, that’s how it all started in a way. Without the strip club Ameera wouldn’t be born lol.

PM: What separates you from the rest of the adult actresses in the industry?
AM: Well to my knowledge I don’t really know any really big Middle Eastern adult entertainers at least not with a look like me.

PM: How does your onscreen sexual experience differ from your private life?
AM: Well I have sex with men in my private life but on screen I don’t so I wouldd say that’s the biggest difference.

PM: What is your favorite strip club you danced at?
AM: I don’t really have a favorite club. Every club I worked at I found my own vibe in so I enjoyed myself.

PM: Is there any adult stars you would love to work with and who are your favorites?
AM: Sara Jay of course because we are both originally from Ohio so we have to do it big for the Buckeyes! Skin Diamond has a really cute yet edgy look that will mesh well with me so I’d love to work with her as well as Nikki Delano, because those lips get me lol. Of course all time favorite is Jenna Jameson and Kim Kardashian lol. I don’t wanna hear it, yes Kim Kardashian became famous and successful off of porn so that makes her a former porn star!


PM: Are you dating right now or looking for any relationships?
AM: No, im single right now…im still young and determined to become financially and emotionally stable before I can be concerned about making a commitment to anyone other than myself 

PM: Are you single and what does it take for a guy to be with Ameera?
AM: I am single yes but a guy can get my attention. I love confident men…yes looks count but its not the most important thing to me. A man has to have a certain demeanor to attract me as well as being successful in whatever it is he does. Im a hardworking woman so I don’t have time to be anyone’s mother lol. I really love to be silly and laugh too so he has to be funny! Those akward silent moments are the worse…

PM: Do you like to be approached or do you approach your crushes?
AM: It doesnt matter to me if I see someone I like or want I don’t mind going for it…and of course its always flattering to hear what men have to say when they approach me as well. Some guys can be a bit creepy though…..

PM: So you have any celeb crushes you would love to hook up with? (Movie stars, Sports Athletes, Muscians)
AM: Sure I have favorites in all three. Tom cruise is my favorite actor, people may think hes crazy and that’s ok im a little crazy too. Of course Michael Jordan is my all time fave athlete crush…who doesn’t love MJ. Musician, I’d say Sean Diddy Combs! Like I said a man has to have a certain deameanor and hes [Diddy] definitely got it.

PM: If you had the chance is there any outside the industry you would love to do a scene with?
AM: Adriana Lima! She’s sooooo yummy!

PM: I know the NFL season is winding down and basketball is starting to heat up, are you a sports fan? Who are your favorite teams and why?
AM: Yes I’m a sports fan. I love boxing and I love Floyd Mayweather

PM: Do you have a website where your fans can see you scenes?
AM: Of course,

PM: Do you prefer guy on girl or girl on girl scenes or solo?
AM: I prefer solo scenes the most because nobody can make me cum better than I can.

PM: On a scale of 1-10, how do you like working in the adult entertainment industry?
AM: 10!! I love the adult industry!

PM: What is a typical day like for Ameera Milan when she’s working?
AM: Good breakfast, makeup, hair, the whole glam process and lots of sex )

PM: What do you do on your day off?
AM: I pamper myself. I usually enjoy a little shopping, a nice dinner, and relax at home.

PM: Do you have any fetishes? What is the craziest thing you done with your partner?
AM: I don’t really have any fetishes. I enjoy all kinds of sex, but the craziest thing I’ve done with my partner would probably be having sex while he was driving dangerously and stupid. I know what you’re probably thinking, but I was young.


PM: For all the fans out there what gets Ameera Milan hot and horny?
AM: Well if I’m really into you I like some nice foreplay and not just oral sex either… you need to touch me..tease me.

PM: Do you have any favorite sex positions?
AM: I love reverse cowgirl!

PM: Where do you like guys to cum on you?
AM: On my ass lol

PM: What does Ameera do on a typical weekend for fun?
AM: A typical weekend for fun would be a night out on South Beach with my girls, all glammed up and owning the club!

PM: In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?
AM: Both I guess, it just depends on the guy I’m with.

PM: On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like having sex and why?
AM: I love sex! I’ve always loved sex even when I was young I was always curious with myself. Its natural.

PM: What is your favorite part on a guys body you like?
AM: I love guys backs.

PM: Describe the perfect sexual partner?
AM: Perfect sexual partner to me would be someone that is just automatically turned on by seeing me ..meaning I don’t have to do much to get him hard or we wet lol they’re just horny for me so it doesn’t take much but chemistry and action ;)

PM: Name one thing your fans do not know about you?

AM: One thing fans probably don’t know about me is that I looooooove to cook and I’ve been cooking since a kid. My television stays on the food network lol …how sexy would it be to have a late night sexy lingerie cooking xxx show mmmm deelish

PM: What do you have planned for the future?
AM: I have alot of things planned for the future . Gonna get into all sorts of modeling shows features and a duo with Sara jay coming soon ;)


PM: How can your fans reach you?
AM: My fans can reach me on my official Instagram xxxameeramilan and my twitter @AmeeramilanXXX, but if they want to see my exclusive scenes they can go to

We hope you enjoyed the pictures and interview as much as we did. If you want to see and hear more of Ameera Milan we suggest you sign up to her website At the moment she has a FREE TRIAL. What more of an incentive do you need? This Arabic princess is one of a kind and we expect to see lots of her.

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