Featured Beauty Is The Sexy Lea Lexis

The world is filled with beautiful women and some never get seen due to their location but we at PUMPSmag search long and far for what we consider to be a Feature Girl! On that journey we heard a name that brought us to a Romanian lady by origin and just had to find out more about her. Luckily she was as happy as we were for this interview and the hottie Lea Lexis sat down for a one on one Q and A session with Broadway Joel of PUMPSmag. See below for the exclusive:

‪PUMPSMag (PM): I understand you originally from Romania, how was it growing up in Constanta?‬

‪Lea Lexis (LL): I had a very fun childhood growing up right next to the Black Sea. I’ve done gymnastics since I was 4 years old and I spent a large portion of my childhood with my trainers and teammates. Looking back at it , it always puts a smile on my face.

‪PM:How long have you been in this industry and what made you get into it?‬

‪LL: I started 5 and a half years ago and it started as curiosity. I wanted to explore my sexual desires . I watched a lot of porn for a while and was always fascinated by the women in the movies. I never really dreamt of having a career in porn , but once I started it kind of took a life of its own and I’ve been loving it ever since.

‪PM: What were you doing before you became an adult star?‬

‪LL: After I stopped competing as a gymnast I went into personal training for a while . I really wanted to remain active and keep in shape but I also worked in a bank as a credit consultant part time. I discovered very soon that I would never be happy with an office job .

‪PM: How did you get your name?‬

‪LL:The name choice was a bit of a roller-coaster. Because I never planned for a career in porn I didn’t plan for a name. While I was on set with a few actors, we started saying random names. One of the actors on set started to say some names , girls that I look like… It’s all a blur really, but I remember I liked the sound of Lea Lexus. Less than one year later I was forced to change it due to conflicts with the car company. I didn’t want to confuse my fans with a big name change so here I am – Lea Lexis

‪PM: How do you feel about the new measure B law passed in California and how will this affect your future shoots?‬

‪LL: I consider Measure B to be unconstitutional and a huge waste of tax money . This law does nothing besides to push us either outside of California or to shoot “underground “ . It’s not making our industry safer , it is only hurting us and costing the people of California money . We will keep fighting in order to get it resolved and protect our right to shoot movies the way we chose .

‪PM: How long have you been feature dancing and explain one of your favorite experiences while being a feature dancer?

LL: I don’t.‬

‪PM: When you first came into the industry who were some of your favorite adult stars?‬

LL: ‪Belladonna , Jessica Drake , Rocco Siffredi , Sandra Romain and so many others…

‪PM: How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)‬

LL: ‪I am a very active person. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week , cross fit , aerial silks , I snowboard in the winter and mountain bike in the summer, rollerblade by the beach. I unwind doing all sorts of sports and I always find something fun to do .

‪PM: Do you think you have one of the best bodies in the industry, what other women in the industry do you think have great bodies?‬

‪LL: The wonderful thing about this industry is that it is able to cater to all sorts of tastes . For the people that love delicate , tall women with fake breasts , I am not “the best body” type but I do have my amazing and very loyal fans that love a strong ,natural , healthy , flexible body and ,yes, for them I am the best body in the industry. It’s all about different preferences.

‪PM: Who is your favorite athlete and which athlete would you love to hook up with?

LL: Because I do love strong fit bodies this list would be huge. Let’s simplify it by saying: if you’re healthy with a fit body, elegant and cute …I’ll do you, hahaha.

‪PM: Do you enjoy guys trying to pick you up or do you do the picking up?

LL: I do appreciate a smart, confident man but I also enjoy to do the hunting myself . I love to initiate with a flirt, a smile, a gentle touch and then see them bring their A game.

‪PM: If you could be any dessert what would it be and how would you want to be eaten?

LL: I think in my teenage years I was a 7 layer chocolate cake – very intense, very sweet. Now, I am more of a Tres Leches Cake –smooth, more refined flavor eaten with passion and enjoyed with every bite.

‪PM: Outside of work what qualities would you want your sexual partner to have?‬

‪LL: That depends from one person to another . Some people are great with certain qualities , some are not. It all depends on the individual .

‪PM: Who would you like to work with in the industry and if you could pick anyone outside this industry to have a sex scene with who would it be?‬

‪LL: This industry has been very generous with me and it doesn’t take long from the moment of wanting to have sex with someone until it actually happens. Very spoiled …I know J . Outside of the industry , let’s say Daniel Craig or Jason Statham

‪PM: From a scale from 1-10 how much do you like sex and why?

LL: Of course my answer is a 10. If it were lower than that I would probably need to change my job, right? If I didn’t absolutely love sex and crave it with my entire body I would really have no business being in this industry.

‪PM: Explain the wildest sex you have ever had and why it was so good?‬

‪LL: I get a kick out outdoor sex /public places sex and one of the most intense experiences was on top of a moving limousine on the highway in Austria . Hot steamy passionate sex , wind blowing in my hair and over my wet body, intense orgasms and the rush of possibly getting caught made for a very memorable experience.

‪PM: Does size matter with you or is it all about how your partner works it?‬

‪LL: Leaving aside the extremes , very small or very big … Size doesn’t matter. There are so many other factors that make sex great.

‪PM: In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?‬

‪LL: Let’s be honest. The woman always has control on where and when it’s going to happen .

‪PM: Whats your biggest turn on?‬

‪LL: Public sex ( places where you might get caught , but nobody really sees what you are doing )

‪PM: You are known as the most limber women in the industry, what is your most limber sex position?‬

‪LL:A dp (double penetration ) on my hand while in splits . More of a combination of strength and flexibility.

‪PM: What is one “move” that you that you like to use that is sure to away make your partner cum, man or women?

LL: It all depends on my partner. People are so different , there is no sure recipe that will work on everybody .

‪PM: Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?‬

‪LL: I’ve been designing clothes since I was 7 and this hobby has turned into my new business . In about 5 months I am launching a fetish clothing line and I have also made costumes for several movies in the past years.

‪PM: Name one thing your fans do not know about you?‬

‪LL: am an excellent cook .

‪PM: What gets you hot while having sex?

LL: Raw passion, crazy desire and real chemistry between me and my partner

‪PM: Do you have any fetishes?

LL: Public sex, S&M , bondage …and I guess like any other women in this world, foot fetish.

‪PM: What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?

LL: What typical weekend ? Haha! Early morning gym , wonderful sex , designing clothes and seeing them on camera/In movies, dinners with friends, more sex ,good wine and so on.

‪PM: What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?‬

‪LL: My flexibility , my ambition ,strength, creativity, desire. I could go on and on …I am not very modest .

‪PM: What do you have planned for future?

LL: Bigger more intense movies for my fans , a very unique clothing line and constantly trying to improve the way I connect with my fans… other than that , we’ll see what the future has for me .

‪PM: How can your fans reach you?‬

‪LL: Twitter : @Lealexisxxx‬

‪Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/lea.lexis.5‬

Lea Lexis is a Romanian beauty and a previous gymnast who is stunning the industry with her incredible athleticism and high energy hardcore scenes! Not only is she unleashing her passion as a performer, Lea is embracing her creativity with intricate costume designs and special effects makeup. Feel free to take some time to learn more about this hottie Lea Lexis.

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