A Gift Wrapped Lilly Banks For Valentines Day!!

Today is Valentines Day and we’re sure many of you guys out there are purchasing chocolates, roses an even teddy bears for a lady or two that you might know but nobody seems to remember the guys for Valentines Day. Well, we at PUMPSmag can’t forget the guy and to put a smile on your face we introduce to you, your Valentines Day gift, Lilly Banks. Lilly Banks is the young hot Detroit native who we adore and can’t help but love! Lilly sat down with us at PUMPSMag to talk about everything from her favorite celebrity crush, her favorite position, what a typical weekend is like and even her plans to move back to Los Angeles. Below is the official interview with Lilly Banks!!!

PUMPSmag (PM): Where are you originally from?
Lilly Banks (LB): Detroit, MI

PM: How long have you been in this industry and what made you get into it?
LB: Since May 2012, I met a pornstar while dancing at Hustler Detroit, she gave my friend info and she actually flew out there before me and did it. She kept telling me how great it was, so I came out to LA and gave it a shot.

PM: What were you doing before you become an adult star?
LB: I worked as a waitress for a few years at Red Robin and Applebees, I also was a Vet tech. All while I was dancing at Hustler too.

PM: How did you get your name?
LB: I wrote down all my pet’s names that I’ve had and if you know me that’s quite a bit, I love animals! I kept asking everybody which was their favorite everyone picked Lilly, and my last name came from my love of money hahaha Banks just sounded right.

PM: How do you feel about the new measure B law passed in California and how will this affect your future shoots?
LB: I want condoms in porn, I’ve always used condoms in my personal life so I don’t mind them. The thing that bugs me about Measure B is all the other stuff like goggles, charging porn companies unnecessary costs and some inspector being on set. I’m not sure how it will affect the shoots yet, hopefully it’s for the better. We’ll all just have to wait and see I guess.

PM: Have you ever feature danced?
LB: No, I was going to at my old club in Detroit, until it went downhill and all of my managers quit.

PM: What’s the favorite strip club that you have danced at?
LB: Hustler Detroit by far.

PM: Besides Exxxotica will you be attending any other upcoming conventions or events?
LB: I’m most likely going to AVN.

PM: When you first came into the industry who were some of your favorite adult stars?
LB: Honestly I didn’t know who anyone was, I never really watched porn before getting into the industry. I always thought Jenna Jameson and Jesse Jane were really pretty though.

PM: How do you keep your sexy body together.(small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)
LB: I’m a vegetarian and I like to run. When I’m in Los Angeles, I’m constantly on the go and I like to take my dogs hiking, to the beach, dog parks, anything outdoors on my free time.

PM: Do you think you have one of the best bodies in the industry, what other women in the industry do you think have great bodies?
LB: I wouldn’t say it’s the best but I’m pretty content with my body right now, I think they’re all pretty great, to be in this industry you kind of have to keep your fitness up, you’re always naked!

PM: Who is your favorite athlete and who would you love to hook up with?
LB: I don’t really watch sports so I don’t know who anybody is really. haha

PM: Do you enjoy guys trying to pick you up or do you do the picking up?
LB: I don’t usually do the picking up, I can be shy at times lol. It gets annoying after awhile from guys trying to pick me up, especially when they’re not very good looking..

PM: Outside of work what qualities would you want your sexual partner to have?
LB: I want them to cater to my needs and figure out what I like and I’d do the same for them. I’m not very picky on size not something too small or too big and I’m good.

PM: Who would you like to work with in the industry and if you could pick anyone outside this industry to have a sex scene with who would it be?
LB: I’d to work with anyone whose not gay and takes care of themselves. I like manly men! Outside the industry I wouldn’t mind getting down with Ryan Gosling and Paul Walker.

PM: In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?
LB: It depends on the partner usually, I like to being taken control of in the bedroom. I’ve also been the dominant one before when the guy wants me to but I’m just not a very dominant person.

PM: What are some of your favorite positions?
LB: I like doggy and spooning.

PM: What is one “move” that you that you like to use that is sure to away make your partner cum, man or women?
LB: Play with the balls!! hahaha I always get compliments from it when I do that.

PM: Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?
LB: Animals and anything outdoors I love!

PM: Name one thing your fans do not know about you?
LB: I’ve never done anything sexual with a girl before!

PM: What gets you hot while having sex?
LB: Slowly thrusting in and out at the beginning and a little bit of dirty talk.

PM: In one of your scenes i see you like to play with yourself with carrots and cucumbers, besides them what sex toys do you like to play with when you have some extra time to yourself?
LB: My favorite are vibrators, I love the Hitachi and the body wand.

PM: Do you have any fetishes?
LB: Hmm, not any that I can think of yet.

PM: What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?
LB: I’m usually dancing or sometimes I go out to the clubs with my friends, but most of the time I’m working.

PM: What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?
LB: I really don’t think I’m better than anybody, but I’m different in a way that I am pretty innocent and shy. I’m not one of those crazy party girls, I’m pretty mellow and just want everybody to get along and help others out. I get along with everybody, what you see is what you get with me.

PM: What do you have planned for future?
LB: I’m unsure of the future right now, I’m most likely going to work on moving back to LA, and start shooting more again. I wanted to stay in Detroit with my family but there are just no jobs here.

PM: How can your fans reach you?
LB: Lilly_Banks at twitter!!! Follow me! :)

There you have it, no flowers, no chocolates, no teddy bears, just a gift wrapped Lilly Banks for Valentines Day! There is nothing better then this day so you can say that 2013’s Valentines Day has been the best because of PUMPSmag and Lilly Banks!!

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