Leya Falcon Interviews With PUMPSmag!!

Our newest featured adult entertainment is none other then the sexy Leya Falcon.  Ms. Falcon is a one of a kind girl in the business who has a fan base that extends all over the US. This sexy, fit and very talkative girl was a must have by the PUMPSmag staff and we made sure we got her for this exclusive interview. Being a Las Vegas girl, you can imagine just how much she loves to entertain. If you’d like to find out feel free to  check out her interview and sexy images below!

Pumpsmag(PM): I understand you originally from Las Vegas, how was it growing up in sin city?
Leya Falcon (LF):Everyone always asks me this question and I always say the same thing, it was normal for me and probably abnormal for anyone else in the world. I have nothing to compare it to although I did experience a culture shock when I traveled to LA and realized that not all grocery and convenience stores have slot machines.

(PM): How long have you been in this industry and what made you get into it?
(LF): I entered the porn industry on Novemeber 25, 2011, I got into it because since the age of 14 I knew that it was always what I wanted to do, I was born to fuck on film. I would’ve entered when I was much younger then life happened but I am here now and am not going anywhere.‬

‪(PM): What were you doing before you become an adult star?
(LF): I had been stripping since the age of 18 and still do so on occasion. Other than that, I was just busy being a mommy.

(PM): How did you get your name?
(LF): I am obviously a Star Wars geek and my good friend Bill Margold knew this and the second he saw me he knew I would be Leya (a different spelling but a reference to Princess Leia) Falcon ( a reference to the Millennium Falcon as well as the bird because Bill said my eyes look like I am about to prey on some helpless victims.)

(PM): How do you feel about the new measure B law passed in California and how will this affect your future shoots?
(LF):Its incredibly stupid. I wrote an entire blog on it for Xcritic (Measure B is Con-DUMB) if you really want some in depth answers.

(PM): How long have you been feature dancing and explain one of your favorite experiences while being a feature dancer?
(LF): I am not feature dancing, I am just stripping on occasion. I have been stripping since the age of 18 though I would love to start feature dancing anytime now when I get the offers!‬

‪(PM): What’s the favorite strip club that you have danced at?
(LF): Hustler Club and Sapphire, both in Las Vegas.

(PM): How do you keep your sexy body together.(small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)
(LF-): I workout 2 hours a day (seriously) and watch what I eat (sometimes!) and as far as my tits being great, I paid a lot for them so if they weren’t great I would be disappointed.

(PM): Do you think you have one of the best bodies in the industry, what other women in the industry do you think have great bodies?
(LF): I love my body, I appreciate what it does for me, how it has cooperated with me for the most part. I am not even talking aestheticly here because your body is so much more than looks, it does so many amazing things that people take for granted. I am just grateful to have all 5 senses functioning and to be able to walk and move as many people are not so fortunate. I treat my body well, I take care of it, so it treats me well. As far as other women having great bodies, who am I to judge? All women are beautiful.

(PM): Who is your favorite athlete and who would you love to hook up with?
(LF): Venus and Serena Williams are pretty damn hot with great asses that I would love to smack.

(PM): Do you enjoy guys trying to pick you up or do you do the picking up?
(LF): Well, I was with the same guy for 7 years so I am new again on the dating scene and I think I prefer the guy (or girl) to pick up on me. I like them to show they’re interested especially because if I am really interested back I would be too shy to approach them (though not to shy to fuck on film if we were booked together).

(PM): If you could be any dessert what would it be and how would you want to be eaten?

(LF): A hot fudge sundae with nuts, whip cream and a cherry and I would like to eat it off of a sexy lady.

(PM): Outside of work what qualities would you want your sexual partner to have?
(LF): A woman: a clean, fresh vagina and very freaky and sensual. A Man: a gigantic cock and very dominating.

(PM): From a scale from 1-10 how much do you like sex and why?
(LF): 943.79 … because its fucking awesome, its like a drug to me. It feels great, its a lot of fun and if you do it right you can burn a ton of calories which means you can eat more hot fudge sundaes!

(PM): Explain the wildest sex you have ever had and why it was so good?
(LF):I have had some pretty wild sex in my life but it doesn’t always mean it was good. In fact, some of my best sex wasn’t always crazy wild.

(PM): Does size matter with you or is it all about how your partner works it?
(LF): Half and half. I am not going to lie, I LOVE huge cocks, I am a size queen but you do need to be able to work it as well. I actually never fucked smaller cocks until I got into the porn industry and that is when I realized that even smaller cocked men (Tommy Pistol, for example, GREAT performer and fucker) can please me if they know what they’re doing.

(PM): In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?
(LF): I can take charge but for the most part I just say “take advantage of me.” I make a good little bitch.

(PM): Whats your biggest turn on?
(LF): Attention, Honesty and Loyalty. Without having those three things I will nave no interest in you.

(PM): What are some of your favorite positions?
(LF): Like I said, I am a good little bitch so whatever pleases my partner.

(PM): So i know that you squirt, what exactly gets you to that point?

(LF): I have to be in the right mental state and have heavy and fast penetration that hits the right spot in my pussy.‬

‪(PM): What is one “move” that you that you like to use that is sure to away make your partner cum, man or women?
(LF): I don’t have any one “move” and realize that every man and woman is different and you wont always have chemistry with everyone. I usually just go with the flow and ask people what works for them to assure they have a great experience with me.

(PM): Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?
(LF): I LOVE working out, reading, writing, painting…those are my passions.‬

‪(PM): Name one thing your fans do not know about you?
(LF): Still sleep with my baby blankey.‬

(PM): What gets you hot while having sex?
(LF): Filthy talk.

(PM): Do you have any fetishes?
(LF): I think I have a fetish for bondage?

(PM): What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?
(LF): If I am in Vegas, I will be stripping, if I am out of town, I will just be fucking and having fun.‬

(PM): What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?
(LF): Nobody is better than anyone, I do not like that. What makes me different though is many things, the main thing being my open and genuine spirit and my pure sexuality. I do what I love, I love what I do and it shows in my scenes.‬

‪(PM):What do you have planned for future?
(LF): I would love to keep performing until I am too old and gross to do it, I will direct, have my own porn production company, continue writing and published at least one book and I want that one special man or woman to share my life experiences with that has the same goals as I do and we can work towards them together.‬

‪(PM): How can your fans reach you?
(LF): Twitter: @leyafalcon

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