Adult Star Sunny Leone Turns Heads in Bollywood Debut

Canadian born porn star Sunny Leone makes her debut in the world of Bollywood films. This upcoming flick is expected to push the envelope and one of the raunchiest movies to hit the mainstream circuit. Debuting a film like this in a conservative country such as India has many people surprised about the release of this epic film. The film plans to be released across India but is not a porn video. Whew!! I’m sure Bollywood executives breathed a slight sigh of relief. “Jism 2″ pushes the sexual boundaries in India but shows no formal nudity due to government censorship over the film industry. It has been described Leone will be oiled up in a massage scene with stunning lingerie which will go down in history as the most graphic film in Bollywood history.

According to Inter Aksyon, the mayor of Mumbai was not pleased with the way the film was being advertised.

The mayor of Mumbai, Sunil Prabhu, has ordered the removal of promotional posters from public buses in India’s entertainment capital after a local legislator complained the image used was obscene, the Press Trust of India reported. The advertisement shows a naked woman reclining suggestively under a sheer, wet sheet, although the model is not 31-year-old Leone, who has no previous experience of mainstream cinema or theater.

Earlier in the week, protesters in northwest Amritsar burned an effigy of Leone in anger at the film’s alleged vulgarity, while a resident of the holy city of Varanasi has reportedly asked a court to put a stay order on the film.

Leone told entertainment channel Star World that she had had to adapt to the demands of mainstream cinema and its more sophisticated choreography, particularly for love scenes.

“It was so complicated. In my world, it’s turn the camera on and go,” she told interviewer Anupama Chopra according to a transcript released to the media.

“Yes, the promos may have given an indication of a sex-laden film but inherently it is a dramatic thriller. Wait for some surprises,” she said.

Leone who is born to Indian parents may reach iconic status in her homeland country. Is this an apparent rise of westernization in India among the youths? As they say, out with the old in with the new.


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