British adult actress sits down with PUMPSmag for Q & A’s.

Hello, hello fellow readers, as we welcome you back again for our latest installment of the newest feature beauty. By the way, this young blonde is a sassy lil thing. As you guys may know in the past most of our females hail from America. This time there is a twist to the story. Katie K is a sexy stand out adult star from the United Kingdom. This international beauty is the UK’s most renowned adult performer and model in her neck of the woods. When you have measurements of 34D-24-34, to go along with a hot British accent, and alluring green “fuck me” eyes what else needs to be said? Unlike the U.S market, the adult entertainment industry in the U.K. is more taboo and surprisingly regulated with an iron fist. This doesn’t stop Katie from continuing her kinky adventures on camera. If you haven’t seen her solo masturbation scenes….what are you waiting for? Before you get aroused, take a look below and get to know the British duchess. Enjoy!!

(PUMPSmag): Where are you originally from?
(Katie K): I’m originally from Blackpool, England and I still live there now.

(PM): How long have you been in this industry and what made you get into it?
(KK): I’ve been in this industry for 6 years now and I got into it to have lots of sex with lots of gorgeous girls! I was too shy to chat them up in a nightclub or bar and I thought the adult industry would be the only place I could have sex with girls who were also into girls. I wanted to be with girls who knew what they were doing so they could teach me a thing or two!!

(PM): What were doing before you came into the industry?
(KK): I was in my gap year for university and working as a nursery assistant.

(PM): Are you planning on being on any TV shows in the near future?
(KK): I’m in lots of adult TV shows on the UK adult channels Playboy TV and Television X, I have a new series out on Playboy’s ‘girl girl’ channel called ‘Katie K’s Initiations’ and my new series on Television X will be out next month (December) called ‘Katie K’s Lesbo Kinks’. Also, twice a week I’m on UK adult TV channel Studio66TV which can be seen worldwide at Studio66tv where my fans can call me and have filthy conversations with me.

(PM): How did you get the name the BAD GIRL OF BRITAIN?
(KK): It was the name my publicist gave me because I’m a very shy and innocent looking girl but that is far from the truth! I’m actually totally the opposite and a complete filth bag! I love being naughty and doing things I shouldn’t!

(PM): How do you feel about the new measure B law passed in California and how will this affect your future shoots?
(KK): Well as a girl/girl only performer and working in the UK the new measure B law won’t really affect me… I don’t really know too much about it. I’ve read articles about it but I haven’t researched industry professionals opinions on the matter. If the industry is driven out of California then I’ll just have to travel to wherever it moves to for future shoots.

(PM): How is the adult industry different in Britain in comparison to the U.S.?
(KK): The industry in the UK is much smaller than the American industry with us only having a handful of professional adult companies currently shooting. We also don’t have any adult radio stations as the law doesn’t allow it and we currently only have one adult convention as its unfortunately trade only, so no fans can go!

(PM): Have you ever feature danced?
(KK): Yes I feature danced once at a club here in England but its not really something the clubs do here, that was a real rare occasion .

(PM): Will you be attending any other upcoming conventions or events?
(KK): Not this year as there aren’t any coming up but hopefully next year!

(PM): When you first came into the industry who were some of your favorite adult stars?
(KK): Lolly Badcock, Angel Long, Bree Olson, Sunny Lane, Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze.

(PM): How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)
(KK): Why thank you! I used to work out a lot but now I don’t need to, I get a good workout on the adult channel Studio66TV that I work for twice a week! I’m constantly gyrating my bum and tits around that I burn off plenty of calories just from working!

(PM): Your body looks very natural, do you pride yourself on the natural or will you have some “additions” in the future?
(KK): I love the natural look and have always liked my own body. I think there are so many girls with enhancements, I like to look different. A lot of guys and girls love the natural look. I’ve always said one day when I have children I will probably have a boob job but I won’t be in the industry when I want to settle down and have a family.

(PM): Do you think you have one of the best bodies in the industry, what other women in the industry do you think have great bodies?
(KK): I think every girl in the industry is beautiful and I don’t think I have the best body. I think Jenna Haze has one of the best bodies in the industry! I also love Tanya Tate’s body as you can tell she works out a lot! She looks very athletic and I like that look too!

(PM): Who is your favorite athlete and who would you love to hook up with?
(KK): My favourite athlete is Tom Daley who is a British diver. He is so sexy and enjoyed watching him in the Olympics this year! I’d love to hook up with him and give him the wildest night of his life!

(PM): Do you enjoy guys trying to pick you up or do you do the picking up?
(KK): I never do any of the chasing! I expect guys to make the first move or I’m not interested! I get bored very quickly so I need a guy to keep me interested! If he acts like he’s not interested in me and wants me to chase him I’ll just move on to the next one.

(PM): Outside of work what qualities would you want your sexual partner to have?
(KK): He’d have to be able to make me laugh, we’d have to have a very intense sexual chemistry, he’d have to be complimentary and treat me like a princess but at the same time he’d have to be assertive and know what he wants and go for it!

(PM): Who would you like to work with in the industry and if you could pick anyone outside this industry to have a sex scene with who would it be?
(KK): I would like to take Sunny Lane, Sasha Grey and Bree Olson out of retirement for a sexy 4 girl fuck fest! Outside of the industry I’d do my first gangbang with Calvin Harris, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Nick Stokes from CSI Las Vegas, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian.

(PM): In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?
(KK): I take charge! I’m always in control!

(PM): From a scale from 1 to 10 how much do like having sex and why?
(KK): It’s off the scale at 100 because I think it’s amazing and I’m sure I’m a nympho! I just want to have sex all day, taking 10 minute breaks every so often for food and water and longer break for sleep, then straight back into it!

(PM): What are some of your favorite positions?
(KK): Up against the wall is my favourite but I also like doggy.

(PM): Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?
(KK): I like to walk my doggies and I have 4 lizards that keep me busy. I also enjoy music and play around with DJing and producing my own songs. I love shopping, movies, clubbing with my sexy girlfriends and just living the life of a normal 24 year old sexy pornstar!

(PM): Name one thing your fans do not know about you?
(KK): I twitch a lot whilst I’m falling asleep!

(PM): What gets you hot while having sex?
(KK): Spontaneity! If my sexual partner does something I’m not expecting it’ll drive me wild!

(PM): What sex toys do you like to play with when you have some extra time to yourself?
(KK): The Hitachi Magic Wand! Once you’ve tried one of those all other sex toys seem shit!

(PM): Do you have any fetishes?
(KK): Stockings, Zips, PVC, Latex, Rubber, Leather and cute little frilly ankle socks!

(PM): What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?
(KK): Sleep in until really late then I’ll either watch loads of movies or go shopping. Then I’ll go for a nice evening meal and then either out clubbing with my girlfriends or to a friends house to chill and relax with a nice small glass of wine.

(PM): What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?
(KK): I don’t think I’m better than anybody in the industry as everybody has their own individual unique style… My style and what makes me different is that as I said earlier on in the interview I’m a cute little blonde innocent looking British girl. When people see me they think I’m sweet and shy until they see my movies and then they are like wow! I am really wild, hardcore and filthy!

(PM): What do you have planned for future?
(KK): I’m always planning things and creating new projects. I love keeping my mind constantly busy. I’m never happy until I have a new project to work on. I am currently upgrading my website and I will be launching version 2 of very very soon. I’m also going to be directing some more movies for Playboy TV UK! Keep your eyes peeled as 2013 is going to be an awesome year for Katie K Empire!

(PM): How can your fans reach you?
My fans can reach me on or at my official members website Katie k Official.

Being one of the very few adult stars who has become popular in her own country. Katie is just on her way to the center stage. The young 24 year old is only getting started. As things start to heat up, be sure to remember Katie K as she hits a laptop near you. We at PUMPS are happy to break this overseas beauty into our market.



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