Ex-Tiger Flame Return $10million Back…Then Calls Bogey!

Tiger Woods’ ex-flame Rachel Uchitel sure is a hottie but the brains seems to be lacking. Her lawyer convinced her that she should return most of the $10 million that Tiger gave her as hush money during his unprecedented fall from grace.
Uchitel, 35 dropped the bomb on Tiger Woods regarding his countless bed buddies, while she was one of them. Uchitels’ lawyer Gloria Allred allegedly convinced her that she’s lose in court after breaching the hush money confidentiality agreemement. It’s said that she breached the agreement by appearing on TMZ and “Celebrity Rehab” because she has an “addiction to love”.

So are things looking up for Tiger? Ofcourse, although we all know he has more then 10 million to play with anyway. Rachel Uchitel seems to be at the neck of her former lawyer and may now be in a bitter fight about the money she returned to Tiger Woods.

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