The One and Only Gia Nova Cracks The Whip For PUMPSmag!

I know we all been to our fair share of strip clubs now and then. Even though you may never get the opportunity to see that marquee adult star, there are always young hot ladies here to accommodate our needs. Savoring the experience of your favorite stripper or adult star in the flesh is a fantasy come true. When that certain girl is not present what do you do? That is the question some of us face when you realize Ginger will not be dancing tonight. To some customers that may be a reason to go home. You know what I say to that? Nonsense! The gentlemen’s club is the ultimate boys club for guys to relax, relieve stress, and enjoy some much needed one on one time with sexy exotic dancers. The beauty of a strip club is the wide variety it provides to its customers during their short or long stints there. The variety of dancers a gentlemen’s club has is every mans dream when they’re not with their wives or girlfriends.

Imagine entering your local strip club one night and catching the opening to a new feature dancer. You never seen this women nor you may not have even heard of her. As soon as the lights are dimmed and the music begins to play. The anxiety and the suspense settles in. Until that moment, when you lock eyes with a 5’7 125 pound blonde with sparkling emerald green eyes. At that point your body is at a stand still as you watch her 32E-26-35 figure dance her way towards your section. Your awe struck wondering “who is this women and why haven’t you seen here before?”. This question is soon answered when the DJ announces, “please show love to the ohh so beautiful Gia Nova!” Without hesitation you grab a seat…..dig into your wallet for a stack of ones and hunker down for a joyful night.

For many of you who are unfamiliar with Gia Nova. She is a woman of many talents and a rare look that isn’t distinctive but unfamiliar to what you’ve seen before. This exotic dancer and adult model is a burlesque performer sprinkled with a fetish feel which is reminiscent of what you seen in your bedroom. Yes!! This beautiful lady’s routine is fast moving choreographed dance moves mixed with belly dancing, fire breathing, acrobatics, while doing all of this in a flawless tattooed frame. Nova is just our type of women you would love to see at a strip club! In order to understand Gia fully, read more and get to know who she is. Enjoy!

(PUMPSmag): Are you submissive or do you like the man to take charge in bed?
(Gia Nova): Well, I am quite the fetishist so it’s really so much more complicated than just sub vs. Domme. It really depends on the person I am with…even half way through our playtime my partner may not know if they are the hunter or the animal being hunted.


(PM): What’s a sexual turn on for you that is sure to get you in the mood?
(GN): My biggest turn on’s are honesty, responsibility, respect, a quirky sense of humor, body hair, strong forearms and a sexy neck I can bite.


(PM): What is your favorite position in bed and why?
(GN): This changes upon my mood from day to day, the situation and the person. I crave variety.

(PM): If you could ever do a sex scene with a celebrity or an athlete (girl & guy) who would it be and why?
(GN): A sex scene? No, I’m not a porn actress…I keep my kink behind closed doors, but there are a few celebrities I’d like to tie up….


(PM): What’s your favorite body part and why?
(GN): I am really a total package kind of Gal, but if pick just one spot, I would have to say on women it’s the collar bone. My favorite part of a man’s body is the neck, perfect for kissing and biting.

(PM): Does size really matter or is it all about how they work it.. explain in detail?
(GN): Contrary to what most women will tell you, yes size matters! However, how you use it is equally as important.  The last thing any woman wants is a guy with a fabulously large cock that doesn’t know how to use it.  No one wants to be fucked by a fumbling Baby Huey! I personally would much rather have a man with an average size package that know exactly how to use it and can go for the better part of the night.

(PM): Have you done role playing in bed, if not would you and what role would you play?
(GN): Do you mean to say there are people who don’t role-play in bed? How bizarre!


(PM): Whats the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?
(GN): I’m afraid I would take up waaaay too much space answering this question. I travel all over the U.S. performing in gentlemen’s clubs. While I’m on the road I try to see as many unconventional things and places as possible…you get the idea.


(PM): Where are you originally from?
(GN): Well, That is a long story…I was originally replicated in a very cozy laboratory in the foot hills of Lithuania. On a quest for the perfect specimen, the scientists spliced me together, but disposed of me when they learned of my temper and strength. Luckily, a family of wolves took me in and cared for me until I was 8 years old. Around that time I was kidnapped by a caravan of gypsy performers who trained me in the arts of dance and black magic.

(PM): How long have been in this industry and what made you get into it?
(GN): As you can see from my life path, I was bred for this line of work.


(PM): What were you doing before becoming an Adult entertainer?
(GN): Before becoming a feature entertainer, I worked as a professional makeup artist and did special FX for indie horror movies. I also attended college and have a degree in historical costume design. These were my occupations while training with the gypsies.


(PM): How did you come up with your name?
(GN): I wish I could claim that I came up with my name, but it came from the scientists at the lab. Officially My name is Replicant Model #001 Genetically Intrepid Archetype or G.I.A. for short. My caravan family came up with Nova, and I think it has a delightful ring to it.

(PM): You must have been to some of NYC’s and LA’s strip clubs, what is your favorite one?
(GN): Yes, actually I travel all over North America, and while the clubs are beautiful in New York and L.A. I really enjoy performing in the Heartland of America and being able to interact with My fans.


(PM): Of all the awards you have won which one is the most important and why?
(GN): The most important award(s) I have won to date in my career are the Exotic Dancer National Championships 2011, which is judged by a panel of professionals from different facets of the industry and Exotic Dancer Entertainer of the Year 2012. Entertainer of the year is the absolute pinnacle of the exotic dance industry voted on by club owners, peers, friends and fans. They really rallied for Me this year, spreading the word to vote for Me…and I won! I am honored to hold these tittles.


(PM): How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)
(GN): My body and my health are my top priorities. Not only is that the business I am in, but being healthy is anyone’s most important asset. I am not a huge gym rat; Instead I enjoy yoga, Pilates, and dance classes along with aerial tissue practices. Any of these are a major workout by themselves. As far as diet goes, I am very serious about the quality of food that I put in my body. Primarily, I eat raw organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with some wild caught fish and other seafood…Very little dairy, gluten, meat and processed items.

(PM): Is there one celebrity you would want to give a lap dance to who would it be and why?
(GN): Just one?! Can I perform a stage show for a few?! I would say Rob Zombie, David Lynch, Guillermo Del Toro, Jim Henson and Nikola Tesla. They are all insanely creative with beautifully twisted minds…That’s SEXY!


(PM): Who is your favorite athlete and why?
(GN): Laura Asadauskaite. She is Lithuania’s Pentathlon gold medalist and is absolutely amazing. I believe we were engineered in the same lab.


(PM): Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?
(GN): Performing is my passion, so I am always taking dance and cirque classes. As I said before, I am an avid health nut, so you may see me anywhere from an organics conference to a rock climbing gym. I read a whoooole lot and may have three books going at a time. Once in a while I like to draw, paint and create more costumes for my shows. I’m very lucky in that I have figured out how to work for myself, making money doing the things I love, so work and free time always bleed into one another. Oh yeah, there is also black magic and crime fighting…No wonder I haven’t owned a TV in years!


(PM): Name one thing your fans do not know about you?
(GN): I am a major nerd and love going to con’s.


(PM): Do you have any fetishes?
(GN): I have quite the Dominatrix streak in me. I take it very seriously and there is no sex involved in the sessions, just some healthy pain, humiliation and other fun. So, to answer your question, yes, of course.

(PM): What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?
(GN): I most definitely don’t think I am better than anyone in the industry. This is a tough question because I would usually say “It’s because I love my job” or “I have the best fans” which is entirely true, but it’s also very true of my peers. There are so many beautiful and talented women who bring a lot to the table (or stage). I guess one of the things that make me different is my large back tattoo. I am the most tattooed model in Playboy and as far as I know, the feature circuit. Also, I hand make 99% of my costumes and props, mix my own music and do my own choreography. As you can see, I am very invested in my performances.


(PM): What do you have planned for future?
(GN): As we speak, I am working on a members site, building some new shows and designing more costumes.


(PM): Where can your fans find you and how can they reach you?

Centerfold Strips

(GN): I truly love My fans so I try to be easy to find on the net!

I’m on

I also have an Instagram, blog and linked in to name a few.


Now you have gotten to know Gia, please check her out her , and Instagram for updates plus the latest news in the world of Gia Nova. Until next time my friends, visit Gia at a strip club near you.


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