US Pole Federation Takes Over In The Fall

I know we all appreciate an exquisite female working her talents on the pole. Regardless if shes in the strip club or not. How would you like to enjoy seeing a massive ocean of pole dancer displaying their talents for judges as well as onlookers? I know that sounds very enticing. So here’s the scoop; the competition will be taking place this fall in September. Which is right around the corner! Check the list of the contestant list. Any names ring a bell?

Guest Performers


Miss Pole Dance Australia Winner 2012
International Pole Championship Finalist 2012


Reigning US Pole Dance Champion 2011
US Pole Dance West Coast 2010 Winner
California Pole Dance Champion 2010


US Pole Dance Champion 2009
World Pole Sport Championship 2009 Silver Medalist
Featured Performer at Haze Nightclub, Las Vegas
Performer for Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson “The Immortal World Tour”

Featured performers are teaching workshops for the USPDF Championship Weekend Event!

Workshop Dates

Thursday, September 27th:

6:00pm  Bill Mulholland – Handstand Master
7:00pm  Natasha Wang - Pole Technique
7:00pm  Gabrielle Valliere – Spinning Pole


Friday, September 28th:

3:00pm  Jenyne Butterfly – Intermediate/Advanced Pole
4:30pm  Natasha Wang – Signature Tricks
6:00pm  Cleo “The Hurricane” – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012
7:00pm  Jenyne Butterfly – Intermediate/Advanced Pole
8:30pm  Natasha Wang – Signature Tricks


Saturday, September 29th:

10:00am  Brook Notary, USPDF Judge – Beginner thru Advanced
10:00am  Cleo “The Hurricane” – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012
11:30am  Cleo “The Hurricane” – Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012


Sunday, September 30th:

10:30am  Brook Notary, USPDF Judge – Beginner thru Advanced
10:45am  US Pole Dance Champion 2012 – TBA
12:00pm  Bill Mulholland – Handstand Master
12:15pm  US Pole Dance Champion 2012 – TBA
1:30pm  Natasha Wang – Signature Tricks
1:45pm  Jenyne Butterfly – Intermediate/Advanced Pole
3:00pm  Leigh Ann Reilly, USPDF Pro – Beginner thru Advanced
3:15pm  Alethea Austin, USPDF Pro – Sexy Flow


To sign up for workshops, click HERE !!!

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