PUMPSmag Motor Boats With Feature Beauty Alex Chance

Hello fellow readers, glad your back for our latest installment of our Feature Girl. Well we all know how you guys cant get enough of these beautiful women we’ve displayed in the past. The newest Feature Beauty took time from her schedule to give PUMPSmag an exclusive one on one interview. This curvaceous adult star is new to the scene while still making a huge splash in the adult world. This busty babe has boobs for days and yes they are real!! The 34DDD do not lie. You think I’m kidding? . This young nude star is not shy when showing her assets to the camera. I know she may not have a wide range of videos like the other veteran adult actresses. Yet her body of work has gotten her recognition any actresses would die for. When shes not receiving award nominations, Ms. Chance is making an effort to spread her name through her work. Not convinced? Maybe you should take a look at her FreeOnes bio for more info? Mhhhhmm. In the meantime grab a beer, sit down and really get to know Alex. Enjoy!!


(PUMPSmag): How long have you been in the adult industry?
(Alex Chance): I have been in the adult industry for a little over a year. I did my first scene for Score in Miami last August (2011).

(PM): What are your measurements?
(AC): 34DDD-27-37

(PM):I see your main trademark are your huge boobs, is there another part of your body you love to flaunt?
(AC): I love to wear short dresses and show off my legs.

(PM): What do you enjoy more, modeling or shooting hardcore XXX videos?
(AC): I enjoy both, but I enjoy the videos more. One of the main reasons I do porn is my love of sex. Shooting hardcore videos is a way to express that love and passion and show it to my fans.

(PM): Any secret fetishes your fans do not know about?
(AC): I love to be handcuffed to a bed or strapped down. I want a man to tease me, until I beg to cum.

(PM): I know a lot of adult stars feature dance at strip clubs. Do you as well partake in exotic dancing?
(AC): I had my first feature dancing experience in Tampa last month at Night Moves. Night Moves is an adult awards show and has a Caravan of Stars in it. During the Caravan of Stars events, we appear at different clubs and dance throughout the weekend. I plan to start feature dancing more next year.

(PM): Who are your favorite people to work with within the industry?
(AC): Marcus London because he makes me squirt and cum more than almost anyone. He holds the record for most times on camera. I need ask the director to go back and count. Presley Hart is my favorite girl to work with, because she is my best friend. We know everything about each other. I mean everything. So, it makes for a hot scene.

(PM): Do you have any Hollywood crushes or sport athletes you would love to get hot and heavy with?
(AC): I would love to do naughty things to Channing Tatum. I want to have hot, heavy, passionate sweaty sex with him for days on end.

(PM): What are your favorite sexual positions?
(AC): My favorite is the Piledriver, if the man has the right size penis for it. His cock can’t be too small or too large. Another favorite is missionary with my legs on his shoulders, so he can thrust into me so deep.

(PM): What kind of guys do you like and what do you normally go for?
(AC): I go for a wide range of men. I have dated everything from models to computer geniuses to video game store managers to millionaires. I love someone who can make me smile and laugh. You can have all the money in the world and have a bad personality. If you don’t make me happy, it isn’t worth it for me.

(PM): What body part do you find sexy about guys?
(AC): I love abs and eyes. There is something so sexy about a man whose abs I could wash my delicates on. I love to lick them up and down. Eyes are the windows to the soul. If someone has smolderingly sexy fuck me now eyes…it might just happen.

(PM):On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like your job and why?
(AC): 10, and I don’t see myself doing anything else for a long while. I think that I have the best job in the world. I get paid to look pretty and
have hot sex that makes other people happy. Sure beats sitting behind a desk at a 9 to 5.

(PM): Where do you like guys to cum on you?
(AC): I have always loved to swallow. I love the taste of cum and I don’t like messes.

(PM): Do you like orgies, girl on girl or do you prefer guy on guy action when shooting?
(AC): That is a difficult answer, because it depends on my mood and how much I want to multitask. I love the ladies, but I can’t do without a big hard cock for long spans of time.

(PM): Are you up for any awards this year?
(AC): I was up for best new starlet at the Night Moves Awards. I am waiting for the end of this month to find out if I am up for any others.

(PM):What’s a typical day like for Alex Chance when she’s not working?
(AC): I like to do random things when I am not working. I love to go hiking, clubbing, and on random trips to Vegas. I’m all over the place. I will be doing anything that is fun. I also tend to engage in random threesomes with my best friend, Presley Hart.

(PM): Are you a sports fan?
(AC): I love the Redskins since I am from VA.

(PM): Which sexy athlete would be a great porn star?
(AC): Probably a basketball player, because tall skinny men tend to have big cocks and stamina.

(PM): I know around this time of the year Breast Cancer awareness is a big deal. Do you feel as an adult star you should shed light to the public on this issue?
(AC): I plan on tweeting people to donate this month. Breast cancer runs in my family, and my grandmother beat it twice. It is an issue near and dear to my heart. I hope others feel the same way.

(PM): Which porn productions companies have you worked with and who are your favorites?

(AC): I have worked with so many. My favorites are ATK and New Sensations. I work for ATK on a regular basis. I shot for them three times last month and I’m shooting for them at least three more times next month. The fans love me on their site and they are amazing to work for. New Sensations is awesome because of the mood on set and the quality of the product. Eddie Powell is an amazing director and he’s great to work for. I always know it is going to be a good day and a great scene on one of his sets. I have a new movie with Shane Diesel coming out for them soon.

(PM): Where do you see your career 10 years from now?
(AC): I see myself still performing and moving into directing. I hope to be able to bring my vision of porn to other people.

(PM): What are your goals and what? Would you like to accomplish?
(AC): I would like to have a successful website. I want to learn to shoot video and stills. I’m going to continue to try and be the best performer
I can be.

(PM): How does your onscreen sexual experience differ from your private life?
(AC): In my private life, I don’t have to open up for the camera to see. I do love it hard, fast and deep like on camera in my personal life. It makes my pussy feel so good.

(PM): Are you dating right now or looking for any relationships?
(AC): I am dating right now. I haven’t found anyone yet that I would want to be in a relationship with. When I do and it is the right timing, I will be in one.

(PM): What does it take for a guy to go out with Alex Chance?
(AC):He has to impress me and make me smile. I am easy to please. :-)

(PM): Do you ever like to party on the weekends and go out with your girlfriends?
(AC): I love to party out in Hollywood. It’s so much fun to be at a table and dance the night away.

(PM): Lets say you had the opportunity to direct your own video, would it be a porn parody and, who would you cast in it?
(AC): Yes, it would be a porn parody. I would use James Deen, because he is an amazing leading man and Stormy Daniels, because she radiates sex on screen.

(PM): What type of genre of scenes do you do? (Oral, Anal, etc.)
(AC): I don’t do double anything or anal. I do handjobs, blowjobs, solo, b/g, g/g, b/g/g, b/b/g, squirting, bondage, femdom and group scenes.

(PM): How can your fans reach you?

for my new sex advice column that will premier soon on Porn Corp

(PM): Do you do any web camming and what was the weirdest request?
(AC): Yes, I webcam on naked.com and streamate. There is a man who likes to watch girls eat cheese.

(PM): What is the craziest place you had sex?
(AC): I have had sex in the hot tub on top of a cruise ship and had to run to avoid being caught.


As you can see Alex Chance is a young talent just living in the fast lane on the highway to success. Some entertainers of her caliber find it hard to build on their momentum. Ms. Chance seems to be rolling with the punches. While kicking ass and taking no names in the meantime. Its not hard to plus her videos are surfacing all over the net. So get familiar and catch her one on one action!


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