Exclusive: Shauna Sand-Lamas Talks Sex Tape

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If you haven’t heard of Shauna Sand-Lamas by now you must not be familiar with a popular invention by Taylor Farnsworth called the television. Once a Playboy playmate in 1996, Shauna has been all over the tabloids and television for years and now isn’t any exception. The blond bombshell is a petite lady with a hot body and huge chest but what has her all over the tabloids now? Well let’s say she’s pushing the bar as far as she wants.

Shauna Sand-Lamas and Vivid Entertainment decided to team up to put out her largely spoken about sex tape called “Shauna Sand eXposed-The Shauna Sand XXX Sex Tape”. Vivid Entertainment is also responsible for putting out sex tapes of Jimi Hendrix, Kim Kardashian and many other big name celebrities. When Shauna first heard about the sex tape that Vivid had she says “I was totally outraged and felt it was an invasion of my privacy. I was very concerned about it being distributed “but when an obstacle comes in the way so does and opportunity and Shauna saw one. Shauna Sand-Lamas and Vivid are now teaming up to put out “Shauna Sand eXposed”.

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Courtesy of www.vivid.com

A controversial name, Shauna has been eye candy for awhile and is putting it all out there for you to see. A playboy playmate in ’96 many ladies aren’t even a household name today but as she says “Whats amazing is that it created a fan base for me that is still with me all these years. It was also a time when exposure in [playboy] had more impact”.

So has the sex tape made her more recognizable? “Oddly, no. More people seem to come up to me about items about me on TMZ than the sex tape but it could be because they are shy”. We’re sure they won’t be shy to purchase the sex tape so whether they mention it or not you can expect a purchase.

Taking a look at Shauna Sand-Lamas you can easily see the sex appeal. Most men would die to see how she looks dancing on the pole of a strip club like Spearmint Rhino, Ricks Cabaret or Penthouse Executives. She hadn’t done any stripping except for a role but as she says “who knows, a club might actually invite me to come out and dance. I think it’ll be fun”

Go to www.vivid.com and www.shaunasandexposed.com for more.

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Courtesy of www.vivid.com

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