Strip Club Owner Warns Vikings Rookies: “I Will Abuse You”

With the summer entering the final stretch of the long haul which we call August, the heat will be turned up to an all time high outside as well as in NFL training camps. Training camps are a yearly tradition where players are getting accustomed to their playbooks, coaches, teammates, the physical rigors, and the introduction for rookies who embark on a new journey in their lives. Before the preseason launches, every rookie player is invited to a NFL rookie symposium where young players are warned about the perils and temptations of the professional athlete lifestyle.

There are always a few players that never take this useful advice and apply it to life. Perfect example is former NFL bad boy Adam “Pacman” Jones. Pacman Jones was infamous for his various run ins with the law. Pacman’s rap sheet is infamous among NFL coaches and general managers. Jones who is now with his 4th professional team in his short career and is ordered to pay a staggering $11 million in damages to Las Vegas strip club employees who were wounded.

In the infamous 2007 strip club shooting which all stemmed from the make it rain incident. Who else would the NFL have other than Adam “Pacman” Jones. The screw up of screw ups….to warn today’s young players of the dangerous traps that await them.

If you thought, Pacman Jones was the icing on the cake, the Minnesota Vikings invited a former strip club owner to scare the hell out of these young men. The St. Paul Pioneer, was able to get bits of the speech. ”I tell them I am a scumbag club owner who will use and abuse you,” 45-year-old Sean Bishop told the Pioneer Press. Bishop, reportedly nicknamed the Tony Soprano of Daytona Beach, Fla., give a similar talk to Vikings players in 2010.

According to the report, he served six months in prison in 2008 on bribery charges.”I just don’t want to see any of them ruin their lives,” Bishop said of Vikings’ rookies. “… They need to be protected from themselves.”"These guys get comfortable in the VIP section and think they’re not being seen and forget where they’re at,” Bishop told the newspaper. “Being a competitive athlete, it’s hard for them to turn the other cheek or swallow their pride and walk away from bad situations. Instead, they make a scene and forget where they’re at because the owner’s treating them like a king, they’re young and think they’re invincible when all it takes is one snapshot and you’re done.
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