Trend Setter Bethany St. James Sits Down For An Exclusive Interview With PUMPSmag

Well hello again fellow readers, we have a treat for you this time. For our second installment of the Feature Beauty for 2012, we were able to catch up with sex advocate and Huffington Post Blogger Bethany St. James. For many of you who are unaware who Bethany St. James, she has been staple in the Adult Entertainment industry since the tender age of 17. This self made beauty is charismatic, articulate, intelligent and not your typical lover of sex. Her uncanny ambition has made her relevant in today’s industry. Not only is she a guest writer for the popular site The Huffington Post but when not writing for the post, she’s trading ideas with CNN’s own Anderson Cooper. Unlike many of her counter parts in her industry she’s a supporter for the legalization of prostitution and the promotion of brothels. That may sound alarming plus surprising to the majority but get to know Bethany and realize the depth behind her. From here you will come to understand her mind and yet respect her body. Read on guys and take a deeper look into Bethany St. James. Enjoy!!!

PM: How long have been in this industry and what made you get into it?
BJ: I’ve been dancing since I was 17. My mother also danced and did adult movies. I never saw it as a different lifestyle growing up.

PM: You have been in so many films and Adult Magazines. What were your favorites and do you have any new upcoming projects?
BJ: Ive been in hundreds of films that were not released. You can say they were special orders by some private collectors. I don’t have any upcoming films because a lot of studios are scared to work with me.

PM: Do you feature dance, if yes how many years have been feature dancing?
BJ: Yes for 10 years….

PM: How do you keep your sexy body together.(small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)
BJ: I do kettle ball, it really works out all your body parts and of course lots of sex.

PM: Who are your favorite athletes and who would you love to hook up with?
BJ: I’m not really into athletes, in more into musicians.. Who, I can’t say.

PM: Any plans for launching your own film production company?
BJ: I would love to launch my own production company but fact of the matter it’s not financially beneficial.

PM: Do you enjoy guys trying to pick you up or do you do the picking up?
BJ: Well I don’t drink so I don’t do bars. I’m not shy but I do like when men approach me, I like the southern gentlemen.

PM: Outside of work what quality would you want your sexual partner to have?
BJ: Sexual honesty. Women need to understand that men will be men. Men are not monogamous the same.

PM: What co-star gave you the “best time” on camera experience?
BJ: I did 13 fire fighters and cops they called themselves the “gang bang crew.”

PM: Who would you like to work with in the industry and if you could pick anyone outside this industry to have a sex scene with who would it be?
BJ: I rather not drop any names.

PM: In bed, do you take charge or do you submit to whatever your partner wants to do with you?
BJ: Little of both, balance makes perfect. I love being humiliated and love being told what to do and being told good job.

PM: What’s your favorite body part?
BJ: Boobies and tummy.

PM: What are your favorite positions?
BJ: Doggystyle, I love feeling hands around my tummy and someone going deep in me.

PM: Do your prefer working with your male or female counterparts more?
BJ: Men, theres more to do with them.

PM: What gets you hot while having sex?
BJ: I love being talk to…vocalization is key, I love dirty talk and being called names.

PM: What sex toys do you like to play with before getting hot and heavy?
BJ: My finger works fine.

PM: Where do you like guys to cum on you?
BJ: Besides inside me on my stomach.

PM: Do you have any fetishes?
BJ: Humiliation (in the bedroom) being kissed, anything strange, I even like golden showers.

PM: What’s one thing you have never tried sexually?
BJ: every experience is different for each person.

PM: What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?
BJ: Work work work.. I don’t drink or go to bars.

PM: How did you come up with your name?
BJ: St. James is the name of a parish and Bethany is the name of a girl I kissed.

PM: Do you prefer threesome’s or just another person?
BJ: 1 on 1.

PM: What makes you different or better than other women in this industry?
BJ: I listen, I am positive and I am never negative.

PM: What do you have planned for future?
BJ: Branding my name, I want to legalize brothels in the next year, I am starting a clothing line and doing charities.


The sexy Bethany St. James is one of a kind type of girl and she holds no punches, as you can see so if you want to see and here more of her feel free to check her out on the Huffington Post.

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