Former WWE Star Chyna Talks To PUMPSmag About New Adult Film And More…….

We met up with the sexy former WWE star Chyna in New York City at the famous Ricks Cabaret and must say we were so impressed when we did this photoshoot and interview with her. For all you WWE fans of the incredible Chyna, be ready to see a new side to her and those who are fans of adult, guess who has made her debut to the ring, ooops, we mean adult screen, the incredible CHYNA! In this interview with us she talks about everything from how she felt doing her own adult film with the incredible Vivid,  she also talks about Playboy,  former Wrestling pals that she keeps in contact with!

Thanks to our buddies at Vivid Entertainment and the nice folks at Ricks Cabaret NYC, Chyna made her way to and she’s


PUMPSmag (PM): Where are you originally from?

CHYNA (C): Rochester, NY or as I call it KODAK COUNTRY.


PM: What are your current measurements?

C: 42/28/37

PM: What made you decide to make a transition from being a World Wide Wrestling Icon to becoming an adult star?

C: It wasn’t a transition. I was a fitness competitor (not a bodybuilder) before wrestling, and during and after have quite an impressive resume. It’s part of an evolution.


PM: Do you have any adult stars that you speak to and have a great relationship with? If so, who?

C: I love the boys and girls in my movie “Backdoor To Chyna.”

They made it really fun, especially for my first time and I was super excited. A little nervous at first, sometimes I forget that I’m a star!!! So when people are really excited to work with me, see me, support me with great respect!….it never gets old. There is a point in your career where you realize your accomplishments and nobody can take that away from you! Doing porn after all I’ve accomplished is by choice. And a damn good one!


PM: When did you fully decide to make this move?

C: I love doing movies, I love the camera, I loved doing PLAYBOY, and it was so successful that I really wanted combine both and do sexy movies too!!! I’m not picking one over the other, although…I intend to do as much work with VIVID as I’m able because I am happiest when I’m working!!! Being able to do movies, go out and feature dance etc out with the fans again, make some money and be a big part of an incredible company like VIVID is an incredible opportunity!!! I am a big name, I’ve worked hard in everything I’ve done. I don’t take anything for granted and I feel very very lucky right now.

PM: Are there any adult stars that you would like to work with in the future?

C: I had never watched a porn before doing “Backdoor to Chyna.” I still haven’t yet, because I want that real genuine reaction from me, like I am in reality tv. I think a Bachelorette type of show, with the sex included would be an interesting show, don’t you? My favorite tv is reality celebrity shows because I like all the quirky characters together. In porn it’s all about visual art and your particular interest in someone as a fan, right?I hope to work with Dylan Ryder and Diana Prince again because we think of ourselves as some naughty Charlie’s angels. I’m just starting so now I’m drooling over all the people I’ll be working with. Pornstars are so beautiful!

PM: Are there any celebrities outside the industry that you would like to work with? If so, who?

C: Work with? Mainstream, I feel there is so much untapped potential with me to do something quite dramatic and Noir. I understand I am an ecclectic person, I don’t know what’s next for me either, but I know I have talent and you never stop learning from people! Mainstream movies are getting sexier and sexier!! I’d love to take mainstream a step further with some hot action. On the porn side, I decided that I am going to explore my sexuality to the fullest and just enjoy it!


PM: How much has wrestling at such a high level helped/hurt you as an adult star?

C: Well, as I said I have a resume that would knock your clothes off!!! I rose to stardom in wrestling, but no matter what I do, I want to be the best and I think you just grow and grow. I don’t judge..including myself!! I have always believed to go for whatever you want to do. Doing porn just makes me that more knowledgeable and experienced as an entertainer! Also, when you start to make fans, the true ones will follow you always in whatever you do, and I think that with people like that as my fans, I pick a direction and jump in both feet!!!!

PM: Now that you are no longer a wrestler. Are there any people that you feel like you would’ve rather not had a relationship with?

C: Doesn’t everybody have that?  Yep, I had some very abusive traumatizing relationships, they don’t deserve mention. Moved on with my life, having the time of my life right now and that includes the sex and the confidence of being with VIVID, which has changed me dramatically for the better since the movie and my dealings with Mr. Hirsch.


PM: Who are some of the wrestlers that you keep in contact with to this day?

C: Billy Gunn, Hog and Finneas, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Gangrel, Rikishi, D Lo,Dallas Page, Raven, Mr. Inoki, Fujita, etc etc..many have passed on.Some of the girls I’m meeting fist time and they are adorable! I know the boys that I was with everyday love me as much as I love them.  We don’t talk everyday, but I know they’re watching and just want to see me happy. It has been a while since I started to travel again. I am sure that I will be seeing more of my pals now that I’m out and about.


PM: How did you get together with Vivid to put together your first film?

C: We had crossed paths in the past and I never would have considered doing porn, but as a girl you always want to be beautiful and even though I didn’t know anything about porn I knew VIVID. The girls on Sunset Blvd Billboards, posters etc I used to stare at them thinking how beautiful they are. I used to buy the calendars in the book stores just to look at their makeup. It’s strange, that’s how the PLAYBOY thing happened. I never thought I would be doing porn. I certainly didn’t think that I could ever be as beautiful as the VIVID girls, however I know I have fans. There was a tape out there with me in it.  It was something done to me, again not worth mentioning. It was such a vile experience to me that it took me a decade to start to live life again. I lived in shame and violation for too long. So I decided to go to Steven and ask for his help. I do movies!! I am a champion, I am a success. So, I went to the best studio to show my fans that I will do a porn and it’s going to be beautiful, and sexy, and I’m going to be treated like a Star, and a lady. PLAYBOY did it for me the first time, now, this is going to be a new era in porn I believe as far as new stardom is concerned.  It really is taking all of the elements I’ve done, and putting them all together.


PM: Are there any people that gave you negative feedback when you expressed making this decision? (if you want to mention them you can)What do you have to say to them?

C: No response! I don’t spend my time looking for that. I am happy, and as long as VIVID is happy and fans like it cause it’s fun and sexy? Really this has been an overwhelmingly wonderful experience.

PM: What would your ideal career be when you decide to leave the adult world? How would you like to be remembered?

C: I’ve never just done one thing. It all blends together. I’ve proven my accomplishments. You just never know where life is going to take you.


PM: Do you keep in contact with Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque)?

C: Nope.


PM: Give us a bit of a background about your breast. It’s said that you have some specially made breasts, is this true?

C: I did have especially big breasts. I suppose in wrestling I was trying to look bigger, be bigger, hit harder…and well, with some spraytan, lots of food, tons of exercise and some enormous breasts I could go to work kicking some ass!! Now I am am much trimmer, lot’s of yoga, downsized the breasts and feel really good in my skin right now. I am not being thrown around by these huge guys, so I focus more on yoga, dance, intense sex, ….it’s much kinder to my body and I feel healthy.


PM: What are some of the myths that you would like to clear up?

C: Myths? Anymore, and I’d be inside out. I think I’ve shared quite a bit of myself. No myths, I’m me, there’s only one, I’ve done the work. I don’t have anything to “clear up” I’m beyond good with me and very proud of myself and with the incredible support that I have outside of the wrestling business. I do have some awesome people supporting me! People that I have so much respect for.

PM: You mentioned that you “made sure that the sex is as wicked as it can be” which we’re sure fans are excited about. Is there any anal, threesomes and/or dominatrix scenes.
C: Well, you just have to get “Backdoor To Chyna” and see for yourself.
Make sure you make your way to Vivid’s website to purchase the “Backdoor To Chyna”. We’ll be the first to tell you, it’s a new look to Chyna and you won’t be disappointed!


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