Using 2010 Olympic games to exploit Exotic Dancing Industry


Speed skating, Luge, Ski Jump and Exotic Dancers? You heard right- Vancouver group REED “Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity” uses the 2010 Olympics as an opportunity to exploit the Exotic Dancing industry using their anti-sex and abolition campaigns. Exotic Dancers in the area are concerned that they will not be able to continue to make living. Trina Rickets, a former exotic dancer, accuses REED of abolishing their dancers income. Rickets states “When REED protests outside a strip club, both customers and dancers are reluctant to enter the bar. It’s a demeaning environment when you’re trying to go to work with women shouting at you as you enter.”

REED is using the opportunity of the 2010 Olympic games to protest that Exotic Dancing is not a sport. They have not stopped their either, REED also gave presentations to delegates from the UK and Russia which are both countries that are said to host the next Summer and Winter Olympic Games. I wonder what the members of REED fantasize about? Lame.

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