Customer Testimonials: “Ed”


I had seen Ed come in on a few occasions to the club. He was generally a conservative spending kind of guy who treated the ladies but not to an extravagant nature. This night was much different; much, much different.

Ed had come into the club and sat in a corner of the main room. And he began spending like I had never seen him do so before. He had several of our very best looking ladies with him and he was lavishing them with drinks and tips. He was paying for it all with cash.

As head of security for the club I quickly had Ed moved upstairs to the VIP section which was virtually empty. I was scared if some of the patrons noticed Ed spending copious amounts of money his safety might be in peril.

Ed was only too glad to tell me of his good fortune and why he was spending so freely. His stepmother had finally died and Ed was the only heir to her money. When I asked Ed just how much money that was he replied, “A whole, whole lot.” Ed did tell me he had brought $10,000 cash to spend that night. I instructed our ladies to treat him very nicely and stationed several security guys near the table where he was. Ed also volunteered to give me his keys if we promised to get him home safely.

With the getting home part of the deal out of the way Ed really cut loose. I had never seen him drink like he was doing so that night in the few times I had seen him at the club. The girls were drinking with him also, but they had to be careful not to get drunk so they rotated every so often.

We usually have to stop patrons that get too fresh with the girls, but since the VIP section was mostly empty the girls knew they could take some liberties not usually allowed. And Ed was the recipient of some grand treatment. The girls allowed Ed to grab and paw them. In return he tipped them nicely. And I must admit the girls were pawing a bit on Ed also.

The night was great for all involved but Ed had great fun. He spend only about half of him money and promised to be back to spend the other half soon. We got him home safely and all was well.

Ed came back in several days later and asked to see me. He seemed worried about what he had done. After talking with him he was not sorry to have spent the money. He was just concerned that he may have done something wrong. I assured him it was all well and that he was welcome back at any time. This seemed to reassure Ed. He was walking out when he turned and told me,
“You have been the most accommodating of all the clubs I went to. Most asked me to leave. You see I inherited $20 million. I have several hundred thousand dollars to spend right away and then I will live on my interest. That should come out to almost $1 million per year. I planned to spend a small portion of it at girly bars. Now I know this is the only girly bar I need to come to. I will see you again soon.”

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