Customer Testimonials: Excuse You!


I hosted a bachelor party for my brother and a couple of our close buddies. We started out the night at our favorite pub and did a little bar hopping and eventually ended up back at my loft to wrap up the evening. I had called a local private stripper service that a buddy of mine told me about to have some ladies come by and show us a good time.

When the ladies arrived we were pretty saucy and ready to see some ass and tits. The girls were smoking hot and came in and went straight to work. They threw on some music and we sat back and enjoyed the show. My brother’s dancer was really into him and I’m pretty sure he was going to get laid if everything worked out.

However, as she was grinding on his mid-section, she thought she was slick and let a fart slip out hoping the silence of it wouldn’t disturb the flow but my brother felt the vibration through his pants. When realized what just happened, he stood her up and said “Did you just fa-” and before he could finish his sentence he was gagging at the smell. She was so embarrassed she grabbed her clothes and ran out of my place still naked. The other girls followed her (after they got dressed), apologized, and we all ended up at the strip club.

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