Customer Testimonials: The Private Showcase


My wife wanted a dance from a stripper, so we hit the internet for private strippers that come to you. My wife wanted to try something new and was open to bringing the strip club to the house as long as she got what she wanted. So I thought I’d change things up on her and really test her freakiness and mine.

We took some ecstasy and started browsing. She got impatient and left the computer to go get us another round and it hit me, I’m going to flip it on her and search the tranny’s and really see her reaction. I found the closest one I could that looked like a passable girl and called her over. She had the class and etiquette of a lady, it blew my mind.

My wife controlled the whole setting and got the music going and created the atmosphere. When the tranny’s panties slipped off and a cock landed on my wife’s lap, my mouth hit the floor. In that moment she knew I threw a curve ball into the night and grabbed that cock and started stroking it till it was rock solid!

Well the rest is between a married couple but to say our sex life is euphoric is an understatement.

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