When Impersonating A Stripper Goes Wrong

Comedian Dave Chappelle said it best in his “Chappelle Show” skit “when keeping real goes wrong.” There’s always those individuals who are so sure of the situation until it backfires. Perfect example, football Coach Johnson being so sure to go for it on 4th and 1 rather than taking the easy field goal. Your delusional buddy hitting on the female bartender all night and wondering why he got shot down at the end of night. Flirting and working for tips doesn’t mean she’s interested. Not everyone can read between the lines. But anyway here’s a new story hot off the presses from our buddies Bossip.com

Natalie Behnke, a Tampa Bay woman looking for a bit of change, walked in to a strip club and began taking her clothes off. She started dancing and, when customers started giving her money instead of the regular staff, the workers started complaining and demanding that the woman be kicked out. 

She apparently started raking in more money until the strippers started to fight with her, causing the authorities to get called. In the end, Behnke was fined $450. Um, why didn’t she just go through the usual process of getting hired to be a stripper? Did she not want to write the entrance essay or something?

Natalie Behnke, when keep it real goes wrong. This is not amateur night little missy, don’t quit your day job.

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