Are You A Member Of The 1% Club?


Most guys walk out of the VIP room of a gentlemen’s club wishing they could leave the club with a dancer but 99% of guys don’t succeed. Besides celebrities, there is that 1% that have style and confidence to make this happen. These guys are what we call members of the “1% club”. The top echelon guys in this industry are in this high ranking club and they know it.

No longer having to buy a drink for an entertainer, these guys buy the bar, before they ask the lady her name she is already on his lap just to be in the presence of a “1% club” member. These guys ooze confidence and have experiences that 99% of guys can only dream of.

Here at we believe there are a lot more 1% guys all across the world that aren’t being recognized. If you think you fall into this club or know someone that deserves that recognition send us an email at and possibly a story about one of your experiences and it may show up on

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