Prosecutors Seeking Max Sentence In Stripper Beating

In the words of comedian Dave Chaeppelle, “When keeping it real goes wrong.” New York city prosecutors want to maximize the sentence for the one-legged millionaire Thomas Hartmann, who is convicted of fatally beating Russian stripper Sophia Kandelaki with his Rolex case. This situation is just as bizarre as it sounds. It seems the exotic dancer’s katty mouth pushed the wrong buttons to an angry raged butt kicking. Our buddies at the Gothamist gave us more info about the story.

The DA is throwing the book at the one-legged ex-con millionaire who was convicted of assaulting a Russian stripper in January. Manhattan prosecutors want to sentence Thomas Hartmann, who was found guilty of smacking Sophia Kandelaki with his Rolex watch, to a year in prison for the misdemeanor assault. Hartmann’s lawyer has asked for more time to respond to the prosecutions’ 11th hour demand: “We’re hoping he can stay out (of jail) altogether,” said Joseph Tacopina.

Hartmann had claimed he only hit Kandelaki by accident, after she tried to rob him last April, hours after they had met at Baraonda restaurant near his E. 75th St. home, during a “dancing-on-the-table-party.” Hartmann tried to portray her as a lying tax cheat looking for a big payout to no avail—jurors were swayed by pictures of her wounds, including a deep gash on her head. They may have also been somewhat swayed by her vivid description of herself as a gunpoint kidnapping survivor, a reality star hopeful, a stripper, a private shopper, a vegan chef, a singer, a composer and an expert in “deep, inner tantric massage.”

Hartmann, a former Long Island construction worker, previously served two years in prison for stabbing a man in the face; he served another six years in prison after that on a separate charge. He lost his leg in 2004 after a Nassau County cop ran him over while attempting to arrest him for threatening and harassing his wife. Hartmann was awarded more than $19.6 million after a jury decided that the detective intentionally rammed into him.


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