Robert’s Steakhouse Of Penthouse Gentlemens Club Rated One Of The Best & Most Expensive In Big Apple

For all of those that think Strip Clubs aren’t a place where some of the best delicacies and spirits are available, well, the joke is on you! The New York Post recently ran an article entitled “NYCs Priciest Pieces of Meat” where they mentioned none other than New Yorks Penthouse Gentlemens Club famous restaurant entitled Roberts Steakhouse. According to the NY Post ” an average customer bill at Roberts steakhouse in the Penthouse Club, where the beef isn’t the only thing that sizzles, is a whopping $516″. Now that’s what we call a high end gentlemens club when it comes to dining. Just think, if Penthouse puts together food that can cost an individual that much just imagine how great their meat.. eh em, we mean ladies look, and they aren’t going to cost you $516 big ones!

You might be asking, where does Penthouse actually fall when it comes to the rank of expensive restaurants in NYC? From what the post says “Robert’s is third place behind French-themed eateries Per Se and Daniel on a list of New York’s costliest restaurants, says a survey by Bundle, a personal-finance Web site.” Truth be told, prices at Roberts are pretty reasonable but of course if you want to spend big, you can do that at Roberts. if you’re looking to drink in style, fashion and elegance with some beautiful women you can also do that with a large assortment of drinks, from champagne which can run you between $200 to $750 a bottle, wine from $65.00 to $1,000.00 or you can even step it up and pay $3,200.00 for a bottle of Remy Martin Louis Xlll cognac.

Although the New York Post focused on the dining that is available at Roberts Steakhouse, we can tell you first hand that Penthouse Gentlemens Club/Roberts Steakhouse is an exquisite place for a regular, traveler, business dinner or whatever tickles your fancy.

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