Former Stripper Nancy Novack Charged With Murdering Eire To Fountainebeau Hotel


Nancy Normack, the former stripper and wife to wealthy businessman  Ben Novack Jr. has been taken up on charges as being the brains behind the brutal beating and murder of Mr Novack.

Said to be extremely sultry due to multiple plastic surgeries, the 53 year old Nancy is said to be far from just a pleasure to look at for her age. Mr. Ben Novacks’ initial fortune came from his father, who was the founder of Miami’s Fontainebleau hotel, known by many as a premier hotel across the world.

The night of the murder it is said Mrs. Nancy Normack had 3 men come into their hotel room, tie up Mr. Novack Jr. and bludgeon the wealthy business man to death. It is said that as he yelled she gave one of the assailants a pillow to muffle her defenseless husband.According to Florida investigators Mr. Normack was said to have been cheating on Nancy and possibly looking to get a divorce. If a divorce did take place she was in line to only receive $60,000 while Mr. Nomack was worth an estimated 10 million.

She is currently being held and will await trial along with the other assailants

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