Topco’s Kneepads Make an Appearance on Kathy Griffin’s Talk Show “Kathy”

Adult toy manufacturer Topco Sales® got an unexpected sales boost when its Industrial Strength Knee Pads by Hardware were featured on a recent episode of Bravo Network’s late-night talk show Kathy, starring Kathy Griffin.

In the special segment “Kathy and Maggie Visit the Pleasure Chest”, cameras follow Griffin, her mother Maggie and two staff members into LA adult shop The Pleasure Chest. Of the many toys and novelties featured in the store, Topco’s knee pads stand out.

Griffin spies the heavy-duty knee pads and points them out, excitedly. “If you’re doing a lot of gardening or anything it’s great to have knee pads,” says Griffin’s feisty mother, eyeing the black safety accessories. “You mean like tossing the salad?” quips Griffin.

Topco Sales® Product Development Manager Gerardo Ramos couldn’t be more pleased about the exposure. “I agree with Maggie – the Hardware Industrial Strength Knee Pads are great for gardening… among other things.”

The generously cushioned knee pads have adjustable straps and comfortable design for extended kneeling time in any situation. The nylon and plastic construction is ultra-durable and built to last.

Over forty years of innovation, quality, and a steadfast dedication to the use of body safe materials has earned Topco Sales a place amongst industry leaders today, and for many years to come.

You can see the episode here:

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