Confessions of a Suburban Stripper


Once upon a time there was a girl named Amanda who was like any other normal American girl except for one thing- Amanda became a stripper after graduating high school.

Confessions of a Suburban Stripper is her story brought to you by Author Nicole Hellyer who is the real Amanda. Her early beginnings start with a dysfunctional abusive father who beat her during his fits of rage in his drunken stupor often leaving her with a black eye and forcing Amanda out of her comfortable middle-class home, while her passive mother stood by helplessly and did nothing. This erratic and unstable beginning caused her to become Bulimic often forcing her to throw up immediately after eating. With no idea how to support herself after high school and with few options Amanda found a career as a stripper. As she said “I’ve had partners in crime and a few indiscretions. Nevertheless, I loved every minute of it…until one day. The day I realized the people I surrounded myself with were not at all who I thought they were. That was when it all changed.”

Read about how Amanda innocently got caught up in all the sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll even losing two friends to murder, fought to overcome Bulimia, and ultimately overcame all odds to go back to school and become a successful Registered Nurse and single mother. Her story is inspiring to anyone who has ever faced adversity at a young age, Bulimia, or domestic violence. Her strength and courage show us all that anything is possible…

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