Pulls Lebron James Strip Club Story


ESPN recently pulled an article off its website yesterday which referenced Lebron James’ partying in strip club in Las Vegas. For some odd reason the article was pulled after it went up for 15 minutes on the site.

Said to have been partying it up in Las Vegas with New Orleans Saints star point guard Chris Paul, King James was said to be surrounded by half naked ladies and “yes-men” as the ESPN writer stated. Hey, if going to a few strip clubs and getting asked by a stripper if I want a lap dance and I say “yes” is being a “yes-man” then who the hell wants to be a “no-man”.

ESPN is claiming that James’ head is growing and doesn’t seem to be very level headed but if a 25 year old man can’t enjoy his fame, riches, and notoriety then what’s the point of reaches those levels of success. Obviously ESPN knows that their depiction of Lebron James was a bit jaded due to the quick pull of the story.

Can’t a 25 year old, well paid, talented. athlete enjoy his fame with some time in a Vegas strip club? For those 15minutes the story was up ESPn thought not, glad they had that change of heart.

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