Mr. Etiquette: Don’t Take It Personal


Ladies, gentlemens, comrades, students, teachers and most of all friends….I’m back!!! Hopefully you guys didn’t miss me too much…fresh from the ED Awards in Vegas and then the Adultcon Awards in Los Angeles’ Convention Center I have some very sad news. After heading to at least 20 clubs, many bottles of wine, saying hello to some of my favorite girls, club owners and managers the state of the customer is becoming quite frankly…disgusting.

(Sigh) How do I begin? Men in many of these clubs looking to have a good time are starting to gain emotional attachments 10 minutes into meeting a dancer and when she walks off to another guy for a good time the last gentlemen(and I use that loosely for this kind of customer) is visibly jealous. Whoa whoa…what is that all about guys? Don’t say its the two glasses of Patron or the Clicquot..that’s you getting way too attached to a woman that is not yours in any sense of the word.

Keep in mind that you are the prey and the lady is the predator. Not even in the wild does a Lion want to eat every mammal that happens to scamper by.

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