Mr. Etiquette: Dancers Travel From City To City Just Like We Do

Mr. Etiquette here! Writing you directly from the south of France, of course I wanted to share some of my knowledge with you ladies and gents. I know I haven’t been reaching out to you as much as I should, but these vacations take up so much of my time.

Now, back to business, I was talking to an actor buddy of mine who spends his time traveling on a regular basis and he said something that caught my attention, quite frankly it really let me down on his expertise of the gentlemen’s club night life. What he said is something a well experienced nightlife, more specifically gentlemen’s club connoisseur should never utter. He had the audacity to say “the girls in Miami are much more inviting then the ones in New York must be something in the water”. I looked at him in awe, astonishing and completely baffled.

Now guys, I know you’re thinking “well that is his opinion, he thinks dancers in Miami are more inviting” but that’s not what I’m referring to. One rule of this industry is any man or woman that travels and frequents these clubs would realize that many of the same girls will be in a Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles clubs 4 times a year. Many girls travel the way traders move stocks, when the chances of making money are high in LA they pay the $500 flight to make $5000 in 2-5 days at a LA club.

Coming from Las Vegas I went to Syracuse, New York and was walking through the ONLY mall that Syracuse has called Carousel, which is a pretty nice mall might I add, as I’m walking I was tapped on the shoulder by a young lady who I recognized as a friend/dancer that I literally just saw in Miami the week before. After casual conversation she expressed to me that she was in Syracuse for 2 days because a specific Syracuse club is looking to have a great weekend.

So when you try to compare dancers and cities you must understand that some of these girls are as worldly as you or more due to countless traveling. The girl you see at a club in Chicago is of course not necessarily a Chicago resident. Something you might not know, when you walk into some of the gentlemen’s club many of these girls are even more worldly then you or I. It’ll get you way further when your conversation can go from the Fontainebleau in Miami to the world famous Smith’s & Wollenskys Restaurant in NYC!

Mr. Etiquette Rule: Judge The Girl By What She Displays, Don’t Confuse It For A City Based Style!

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