Mr. Etiquette: Your Not The Only Man That Wants To Touch Her


You walk into a gentlemens club and you have your eye on one girl but little did you know that she’s the one girl that every man wants. First things first, of course she knows she’s a hot commodity because of that womanly sixth sense.

It’s a funny thing when all the guys go after a specific girl and there are atleast 30 girls working so the first thing you do is act as though she isn’t the girl you want to caress in the private room. Instead, spend some time chatting to all the other girls feeling each one out while you brush up on your lingo. Remember, these girls talk in dressing rooms, on the dance floor and wherever else they bump into each other in the club. You play cool, tip well and get your James Bond like cooler then ice cold mentality she’ll be coming around just because of the powerful word REPUTATION.

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