Mr. Etiquette: Learn Your Seating Plan To Become The Big Man

December 20, 2010

Now, I’m back to fill you in on some insightful information as part 1 of the 4 part breakdown on essential basics in becoming the gentleman that I know you possess. I was going to begin with your walk but decided to divert to a very misused aspect of the gentlemens club, where you decide to sit. …more

September 17, 2010

Ladies, gentlemens, comrades, students, teachers and most of all friends….I’m back!!! Hopefully you guys didn’t miss me too much…fresh from the ED Awards in Vegas and then the Adultcon Awards in Los Angeles’ Convention Center …more

Mr. Etiquette: Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

July 20, 2010

Some guys let their mouths do the talking and don’t understand why they get weeded out by the women that are experienced at picking the right guy. When you are looking to pick up a dancer you might think you are the main focus but you actually …more

February 12, 2010

As a couple and a relationship get older sometimes you have to work harder to keep the excitement going. If you are one of the many couples this may be happening to maybe you need the ABC’s of sex by Larry James. …more

February 4, 2010

Most guys walk out of the VIP room of a gentlemen’s club wishing they could leave the club with a dancer but 99% of guys don’t succeed. Besides celebrities, there is that 1% that have style and confidence to make this happen. …more

Beware Of The “Tongue Wavers”

January 28, 2010

Walk into any gentlemen’s club and you can find some guys just salivating over the beautiful women throughout the club. Doesn’t it happen to look like a pet that is anticipating its owner giving him a cookie or treat of some sort? …more