When Krystle Cummings Performs –She Keeps Them Coming!

April 10, 2011

Every so often you find a new hot talent in this highly competitive industry of beautiful women, outstanding bodies and performances that would knock you out your seat, but when you find that special ONE you must do as you do with fine wine …more

January 25, 2010

he 2009 Entertainer of The Year, Rachelle Laree has worked hard to become a step higher than the rest. Beating out such entertainers such as Daisy Duxe, Robyn Foxx, Schevelle and Suzi Malone with her hand stands, back flips, and back flips; there is no wonder that people everywhere are getting excited to see Rachelle Laree. She has also won Penthouse Golden G-String Overall Winner ’09 and Exotic Dancer National Championship – Grand Champion ’09. Watch her award winning circus performance below.…more