Banbury, UK


A little bit about me

Kim is petite lady from heaven with pretty face. We’re convinced she with her caring, generous and warm hearted. She has a certain fresh sweetness about her that is so endearing. While she is far from naive, rather poised in fact, she is terribly aware and compassionate. Kim seems to gain pleasure from making others smile. What a sweetheart she is. With her shiny fresh-smelling hair and deep magical eyes, one could easily fall in love with her gentle, kind soul. Having said that, she is also a free spirit, rather non-conformist in a lot of ways. Kim seems to find great delight in secretly flouting society’s conventions, within reason. For example, she disregards recommendations and likes to walk on the wrong side of the path if there is nobody coming the other way. Innocent rebellion. That should make for some interesting conversation… One gets the feeling that inside her lies a wild adventure! Please contact us to view more images.


Personal Details

Age 25

Other Photos

Joyce Banbury No Fees

In-car BJ’s. If you are in Banbury send me a message

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