Refund Policy

Member satisfaction is our Refund Policy

Member satisfaction is always our top priority. If any member is not completely satisfied with the functions or any aspect of the site, then please contact our support team and let them know at [email protected]

If we are unable to correct any problems to the members satisfaction then will either add more credits to the members account, or refund your account the value of your remaining credits.

We will issue a full refund under the following circumstances: -

  • The member's account is experiencing technical problems and cannot send or receive messages from other members.
  • or
  • has been offline and unavailable for an unacceptable time period, or has been experiencing technical problems which have impaired a member's ability to use their account for the purpose it is designed for.
  • or
  • The member requests a refund of the value of their credit purchase before to sending or receiving messages from any other members.


At the discretion of the admin team we may offer a full refund for exceptional circumstances. If a member believes they should receive a refund for the value of their credits from the discretionary refund process, they should send a detailed explanation of why you believe you are entitled to a refund to [email protected].

Please note

There are no partial refunds for unused credits. We will only issue a refund for unused credits if you have not commenced using’s messaging and you have not initiated contact or received contact from other members.