Bexley, UK

Introducing Pauline

A little bit about me

a captivating model in her early 20s who embodies timeless beauty and international charm. Hailing from Russia, Pauline seamlessly weaves English and Russian, showcasing her linguistic versatility. Standing gracefully at 5'7" (172 cm), she possesses an enchanting presence accentuated by her natural 32B bust, brunette tresses, and expressive brown eyes. Pauline's allure extends beyond her physical attributes, as she effortlessly communicates in both English and Russian, making her a versatile and engaging presence in the modeling world. With a tattoo-free canvas and an XS dress size that accentuates her slender frame, Pauline is a blank slate for diverse roles. Her elegance and sophistication make her a sought-after model, symbolizing international beauty and grace. Whether gracing runways or campaigns, Pauline brings a unique blend of charisma and style, elevating any project with her magnetic presence and poise. Book a date with Pauline by contacting Discreet Elite via WhatsApp/Telegram. You can also get in touch and view more companions on our website.


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Age 23

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