Worcester, UK

Dominatrix Sena

A little bit about me

I do offer PARTY packages like strip tease (also dildoshows/xxshow) and costume parties/champagne girl or me as eventgirl and sex with more +2 guys/girls and I welcome couples(as long it’s with mutual respect)I do play Dominatrix I do Dinner-dates packagesI do go out for dinner, theatre, museum, amusement park, shopping etc to share a nice experience with youI do offer relaxing massage packages and I do a lot of services because I’m very open minded and I'm intomany different kind of plays. From my perspective I see it as a way in life to take and save morefantastic moments with me and have these wonderful moments in my mind. In the end nothing is permanent we can only take the good moments with us and remember them.

0229 4507 3194

Personal Details

Age 28
Hair Colour Black, Black
Nationality British

Other Photos

Joyce Worcester No Fees

In-car BJ’s. If you are in Worcester send me a message

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